1: Tony and Ziva reunite in a new NCIS spinoff set to premiere in March 2024.

2: Fans can expect suspense, drama, and romance as the iconic duo tackles new cases.

3: The spinoff promises to delve deeper into Tony and Ziva's complex relationship.

4: Viewers can anticipate unexpected twists and turns as the two navigate their partnership.

5: March 2024 marks the beginning of a thrilling new chapter for Tony and Ziva.

6: The spinoff offers a fresh perspective on the beloved characters and their dynamic.

7: Fans of NCIS will be delighted by the return of these fan-favorite characters.

8: Get ready for heart-pounding action and emotional moments in the upcoming spinoff.

9: Stay tuned for the premiere of the Tony and Ziva NCIS spinoff in March 2024.