1: 1. Jessica Pearson left Suits due to actress Gina Torres's desire for a new challenge. 2. The character’s exit was handled respectfully, with Jessica relocating to Chicago.

2: 3. The show’s creators wanted to explore new storylines without Jessica’s character. 4. Gina Torres later reprised her role in the Suits spinoff, Pearson.

3: 5. Jessica’s departure allowed the focus to shift to other main characters on the show. 6. The spinoff delves deeper into Jessica’s life and career post-Suits.

4: 7. Gina Torres’s portrayal of Jessica Pearson received widespread critical acclaim. 8. Fans were sad to see Jessica go but excited to see her in her own show.

5: 9. The top 5 reasons behind Jessica’s departure were rooted in creative storytelling. 10. The Suits spinoff continues to explore the complexities of the legal world.

6: 11. Jessica’s departure created opportunities for new characters to shine on Suits. 12. Pearson showcases Jessica as a powerful and complex lead character.

7: 13. The spinoff dives into Jessica’s relationships and challenges in Chicago. 14. Fans of the character were thrilled to see her story continue in Pearson.

8: 15. Jessica Pearson’s departure from Suits was a major turning point for the series. 16. Pearson explores Jessica’s pursuit of justice in a new city.

9: 17. Gina Torres’s return as Jessica Pearson in the spinoff was highly anticipated. 18. The top 5 reasons behind Jessica’s departure set the stage for Pearson’s success.