1: Coco Gauff and Danielle Collins join forces to support Jessica Pegula's WTA comeback.

2: The tennis stars rally behind Pegula's return to the court after a tough break.

3: Gauff and Collins lead the charge in boosting Pegula's spirits and game.

4: Their unwavering support inspires Pegula to aim for the top once again.

5: With Gauff and Collins by her side, Pegula shows fierce determination and resilience.

6: The trio's camaraderie and encouragement propel Pegula to new heights in her career.

7: Gauff and Collins' friendship with Pegula exemplifies the true spirit of sportsmanship.

8: Together, they exemplify the power of unity and teamwork in the world of women's tennis.

9: As Pegula makes her grand WTA comeback, she knows she has Gauff and Collins in her corner.