1: Biles and Owens: An Athlete Showdown Discover who comes out on top in this epic battle of athletic prowess.

2: Simone Biles: Gymnastics Phenom Explore the incredible achievements of this talented gymnast.

3: Jesse Owens: Track and Field Legend Learn about the groundbreaking accomplishments of this iconic athlete.

4: Comparing Achievements Dig deep into the records and accolades of Biles and Owens.

5: The Impact of Biles Uncover how Simone Biles has inspired a generation of athletes.

6: The Legacy of Owens Learn about Jesse Owens' lasting impact on sports and society.

7: Physicality vs. Grace Compare the athletic styles of Biles and Owens in this head-to-head analysis.

8: Breaking Barriers Discover how both athletes shattered stereotypes and pushed boundaries.

9: The Ultimate Winner Decide for yourself who deserves the title of the greatest athlete: Biles or Owens?