1: 1. Subscribe to streaming services like Amazon Prime Video. 2. Purchase individual episodes on platforms like YouTube or iTunes.

2: 3. Check if Suits Season 9 is available on cable On Demand. 4. Use a VPN to access region-restricted streaming platforms.

3: 5. Look for free trials on streaming services. 6. Join a community or forum for tips on watching Suits.

4: 7. Explore websites that offer free streaming of TV shows. 8. Consider renting or buying the DVD box set of Season 9.

5: 9. Keep an eye out for special promotions or discounts on streaming services. 10. Utilize social media platforms to find links to watch Suits online.

6: 11. Attend virtual watch parties with friends to stream together. 12. Search for Suits Season 9 on torrent sites for free downloads.

7: 13. Invest in a smart TV or streaming device for better viewing options. 14. Check if your cable provider includes access to Suits Season 9.

8: 15. Avoid illegal streaming sites that may harm your device. 16. Consider subscribing to a premium cable channel like HBO for access.

9: 17. Follow fan pages or official accounts for updates on Suits availability. 18. Ask for recommendations from friends or family on where to watch.