1: Discover quick Mediterranean diet snacks for busy moms craving anti-inflammatory benefits.

2: Indulge in antioxidant-rich berries and nuts for a satisfying and healthy snack.

3: Combat inflammation with a mix of veggies, hummus, and whole grain crackers.

4: Enjoy a mini Greek salad with feta cheese and olives for a burst of flavor.

5: Savor a creamy yogurt parfait topped with honey and flaxseed for a sweet treat.

6: Nosh on a refreshing cucumber and tomato salad drizzled with olive oil.

7: Munch on avocado toast sprinkled with turmeric for added anti-inflammatory benefits.

8: Snack on grilled vegetables with a side of baba ganoush for a delicious twist.

9: Fuel your day with these 5-minute Mediterranean diet snacks that keep busy moms healthy and satisfied.