1: 1. The Box: Jake and Holt's intense interrogation 2. Holt's Speech: Captivating motivational words

2: 3. Holt and Kevin's Wedding: Emotional and heartwarming 4. The Jimmy Jab Games: Holt's unexpected competitive side

3: 5. Halloween Heist: Holt's strategic genius 6. Holt's Dance: Unexpectedly smooth moves

4: 7. Holt's Suspicion: Uncovering a traitor 8. Holt's Birthday: Celebrating in his own unique way

5: 9. Holt's Cameo: Memorable guest appearance 10. Holt vs Wuntch: Epic showdown

6: 11. Holt's Visit to the Nine-Nine: Bringing his style to the precinct 12. Holt's Undercover Mission: Going incognito with the squad

7: 13. Holt's Birthday Party: Unforgettable shenanigans 14. Holt's Pranks: Surprising sense of humor

8: 15. Holt's Promotion: Rising through the ranks 16. Holt's Speech to the Squad: Inspiring leadership

9: 17. Holt and Cheddar: Adorable bonding moments 18. Holt's Secret Talent: Revealing hidden skills.